Since many people get puppies from us who live too far away to make visiting our kennel much of an option, I wanted to include this page. This way everyone can have an idea of where their puppy came from and how we operate.

Whelping Kennel

This 1000sqft area is attached to our house, and also serves as our family's main entrance to our home, so people are in and out of here constantly (guests use the front door). Inside we have six 35sqft pens, each with a doggy door to their own outside pen that range from 300sqft to 450sqft. These pens are only meant for soon to be moms and puppies. The kennel is heated, has lots of windows for natural light, floors are covered with rubber g-floor, walls are covered with puckboard (both for longevity and easy cleaning), hot and cold water taps, power, and each pen has video surveillance. There is also a space for the puppy playpen to be setup indoors during the winter months so pups have a large area to play in when they aren't yet old enough to start going outside. And my very favorite feature.... connected right to my house! This means I can direct my children on how to finish making supper while I sit in a pen whelping a litter, or I can check on newborn pups in my slippers and pjs in the middle of the night with only a 6 second walk from my bedroom - LOVE IT!!!

labrador retriever puppy kennel
playpen inside2
playpen outside2
outside puppy area

Once pups are old enough to have free access to outdoors, we shorten their indoor area. This encourages the pups to start using outdoors for a potty area - works like a charm every time! So for about the last two weeks before they go home, the pups exclusively are pottying outside - be it summer or winter. This means they 'know' outside is for pottying which makes housebreaking easier.


Adult Dog Kennel

Right in our backyard is our Adult Dog Kennel. This building is 450sqft, heated, again rubber g-flooring and puckboard walls for easy cleaning, and is divided into 6 pens - 3 on each side. Each pen houses 2 or 3 dogs as we want them to have friends to play with, and has a giant Kuranda dog bed to snuggle on. Through the doggy door each pen has free access to its own 3000sqft outdoor run. When designing this kennel we wanted each dog to ALWAYS have space to run - be it a game of fetch with us or playing tag with doggy friends. Surrounding the whole area is an 8ft high solid wood fence to help reduce wind and disturbance to neighbors.

dog kennel
inside dog kennel
labrador retriever kennel
lab kennel

“Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.” Agatha Christie