In order to make a reservation for a labrador retriever puppy, a $200 deposit is required. Deposits are fully refundable until you confirm you are going to choose your pup from a litter that has been born, at which time I am now holding a pup for you and no deposit will be issued. Reservations are on a 'first come-first pick' basis with myself having first choice to any pup(s) of any litter as well as priority picks being given to service dog organizations and those purchasing breeding rights. Once a litter of pups is born, we wait until the pups are 5 weeks old before requiring pups to be chosen. I will contact the first pick position person and ask them to choose their pup, then contact the second person and ask them to choose from the remainder, and so forth. We wait until the pups are 5 weeks old so that everyone can see how all the pups are coming along. Because others are waiting to choose their pup, if you are unable to select your puppy in a timely manner I will select a puppy for you.

Deposits can be made by email money transfer to, or by credit card/paypal (with a 3% processing fee) using the button here:

Please email with the following information if you are placing a reservation (you can copy & paste it into an email then fill out your answers).

First & Last Names:
Phone (hm & cells for microchip recovery database):
Full Mailing Address:
Gender Desired (if you have a preference):

1a. Do you rent or own your residence?
1b. If you rent, have you obtained permission to own a lab/large breed dog?
2. Have you raised a puppy before, and if so how long ago?
3a. Do you currently have any other dogs in your residence?
3b. If so, what are their breeds, genders, ages, and are they spay/neutered?
4a. Do you, and your spouse if applicable, work full-time outside of your home?
4b. If so, what are your plans for the puppy while you are away?
5. Do you have any children under 4 years of age?

Please answer these questions honestly! They are not meant to 'disqualify' anyone, just to let me know what areas we will need to further discuss to ensure a safe and happy outcome for all.

labrador retriever puppies

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